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Environmental considerations through the ultra-low emission zone regulation (ULEZ) and the congestion charge

With the arrival of the sudden cold snowstorm this year, London was submerged in the snow before the winter solstice. The sight of the entire area covered in white - overnight - was a beautiful spectacle that warmed our hearts even in the coldest of conditions.

Unfortunately, in Central London, where traffic is heavy, most of the snow had been cleared by morning, leaving only grey patches of snow gathered on the side of the roads. A contrast to the snowy landscape we saw last night that brought us back to reality.

In London, the "Ultra Low Emission Zone Regulations (ULEZ)" were implemented in 2019 to charge older vehicles with high exhaust emissions to combat air pollution. As a result, gasoline vehicles manufactured before 2006 and diesel vehicles manufactured before 2015 will be charged £12.50 per day to enter the designated zone. The designated zone was extended to the north-south ring road in October 2021 and will be in control in all London boroughs from next August 29, 2023.

In central London, the congestion charge*, which has been in place since 2002, is also imposed on vehicles entering the city from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays for 15 pounds per day. However, if you want to enter the center during the daytime on weekdays, you are required to pay both the congestion tax and ULEZ.

Hybrid and pure electric vehicles with CO2 emissions of 75 g/km or less were exempt from the congestion zone tax, but from October 2021 all hybrid vehicles were also subject to the tax, and from December 2025 all-electric vehicles will be subject to the congestion zone tax.

London is a metropolis that changes day by day. We hope to take care of the environment so that we can protect the scenery of the environment and enjoy the changing seasons as they were enjoyed before us.

We have only a few days left this year. Thank you very much for all with us in this year. We look forward to serving you in the coming year and hope we appreciate greatly your continued support.

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