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Full-service London property management

Kens Estate offers full-service property management.

If you choose to have your property managed by us, you will be looked after by an individual property manager. They will be your main point of contact and will do everything they can to make sure your specific needs are met and tailored to.

Our many years of experience tells us that when a property is well managed a tenancy tends to last longer. Corporate tenants prefer having their properties managed by us for ease and efficiency.

This can help reduce the periods of time your property will rest vacant and maximize the return on your investment. Whether you have one property or a large portfolio, we have a dedicated and experienced team who will make sure your property and tenants are in safe, professional hands.

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Commercial Property Management

Kens Estate offers management services for commercial buildings of all sizes.

We deliver the best possible service at a reasonable price. Our hands-on maintenance department conducts regular on-site inspections to ensure that the properties we manage are kept to a high standard, fixing small issues where they arise so that you avoid an expensive callout.

Tenancy Management for Landlords

Kens Estate Management is for landlords and property holding companies. Our property managers are hands-on, and work with skilled and trusted contractors to provide a high-level maintenance service.

We also have experience looking after properties for oversea landlords, who have trusted us in leaving their properties in our capable hands.

Vacant Property Management Services

If your property is left empty most of the time, we can help look after it. We have a vacant management service especially designed for international clients with residential properties that remain vacant for parts of the year. We can take care of all aspects of your property including; maintenance, security, home technology, insurance, and refurbishments, creating a seamless and highly personalised experience.

Our service

  • Property visits
  • Key holding
  • Repairs & maintenance carried out by vetted tradesmen
  • Arranging outgoing payments
  • Arranging pre-tenancy works
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